A Reimagined Downtown Crozet

Piedmont Place Crozet offers restaurants, shopping, luxury apartments, a yoga studio, a sky bar, and more in the heart of Downtown Crozet, VA. located on Library Avenue directly across the street from the Crozet Library, Piedmont Place sets the bar for both architecture and activity in western Albemarle County. It is the heartbeat and activity hub of Crozet, VA.


Piedmont Place's energy efficient initiatives are just as stunning as its architecture. On the roof top, 42 American-made solar panels were installed by Sigora Solar. This 13.86 kW photovoltaic system producing nearly 18,000 kWh per year is grid-tied and net-metered. According to the EPA Green House Gas Equivalency Calculator, the system has the capability of reducing 12.6 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. 

In plainer terms, Piedmont Place's roof to has the same carbon reduction capabilities of a 12-acre forest.

Additionally, high-efficiency WaterSense plumbing fixtures and ICYNENE insulation further reduce the environmental footprint of the building.