World-Class Yoga with a Crozet Touch

Santosha Yoga, located at Piedmont Place in beautiful Downtown Crozet, is a place of clarity, compassion, and contentment. It is a space dedicated to refreshing your body and mind.

Yoga is a fun and flexible way to introduce health and wellness into your life. Whether you're brand new and have never stepped foot on a mat or you're looking to sweat, Santosha Yoga's dedicated team of professional yoga instructors has you covered!

Santosha Yoga believes in the power of the practice to: find contentment wherever you are in life, achieve a level of health and wellbeing, transform communities and individuals.


The Sanskrit word, Santosha (pronounced: San-TOE-sha) means Contentment. In Yoga, Santosha is one of many duties or niyamas of all individuals on Pantanjali's 8 Fold Path. The the roots of the word Santosha mean complete acceptance, being content wherever you find yourself, and that is the true goal of this studio.

At Santosha Yoga Crozet, you'll find a range of classes from invigorating Vinyasa Yoga, to relaxing Restorative Yoga, to short meditation classes, which will allow you to ground yourself, find your voice, and make your body feel good.


There are a hundred reasons to start a yoga practice, but here are just a few: 

  • increased body awareness
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • self-love
  • greater clarity and peace of mind
  • fun!